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The cheapest 190 m apartment for sale with garden in Stella Park Compound

Stella Park project covers about 150 acres, with buildings accounting for 100,000 square meters, or about 25% of the total project space.

Residential units within the compound can be part of a building (such as apartments and duplexes in various sizes) or in the form of villas (either twin houses or standalone villas). There are also other units suitable for commercial or administrative purposes.

The number of units in the project adds up to 1,668 different residential units (450 villas, 4,000 apartments, and 7,000 square meters of commercial units)

Approximately 1,370 square meters were provided for administrative units and 3,650 square meters for other services.

The apartments within Stella Park Compound range between 145 square meters and 220 square meters. It include (2 or 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + kitchen + living room).

The twin house villas range from 300 square meters to 325 square meters + 200 meters as a garden surrounding the building.

Most standalone villas start with an interior space of 400 square meters.

Villas have a ground floors (reception+ living room + bathroom + kitchen +office) + an upper floor (3 or 4 bedrooms + living room + large bathroom) + a top floor on the roof (living room + bedroom with bathroom + large common bathroom).